Anthony Holyoak

Anthony Holyoak

Director of Training & Education

As the Director of Training & Education at GBMS, Anthony is responsible for designing and developing curriculum level learning systems. These learning systems are designed to assist individuals and business in developing core marketing and strategy skills to increase revenues.

Anthony has a strong background in sales and marketing. He has generated over 500 thousand dollars in revenue 3 years in a row as a leading sales executive for a multi-billion dollar mattress retailer. This was accomplished through strategic planning and implementation, which lead to continuous increased profit for those areas.

Most recently Anthony has been involved in the online marketing world. Here he has produced over a million dollars in product sales while coaching hundreds of students on how to do the same. He has been an affiliate manager, media buying mentor, and business owner; however, his true passion lies with teaching and mentoring others.

Anthony is also an avid personal development student, a UFC junkie, a father of two, and a hard core baseball fan.