Dave Halls

Dave Halls


Dave Halls is a professional communication expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur and musician. He has consulted, coached and trained countless corporate professionals, government, entrepreneurs and business owners in communication for over 20 years.

Dave has worked across the IT, Telecommunications, Software, Government, Defence, ICT and finance industries. He has the rare skills of crafting technical or business ideas and concepts into effective communications that achieve business objectives and outcomes.

Dave launched his international best selling book “Bullseye!” – Getting the Right message to the Right audience in 2016, which has received many great reviews. The book has a foreword by Dr Joe Vitale and his “Bullseye!” communication methodology is US University validated and being used as official communication textbook for incoming professors. www.davehalls.com/bullseye

Dave's speciality includes communication strategies, new media, digital marketing, communication trainings, professional documentation, workshop facilitation and coaching.

In more recent years, Dave has co-founded his own company, Halls Global Limited which focuses on helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses on profitable growth and reputable online brand presence.

Dave is also a successful jazz pianist, composer and band leader. He has released his own original music albums and performed for thousands of people.

Dave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Communication from the University of Western Sydney.