Rene Kamstra

Rene Kamstra


Rene Kamstra spent the last 30 years of her life as a Life and Business coach, and works with some top companies around the world. She loves to see these individuals and businesses exceed all their own expectations.

Her clients include A-list superstars, ABC news anchors, Apple, Visa, and other Fortune 500 companies. She’s also personally built four successful companies of her own. She was one of the executive business coaches and trainers for the Chet Holmes/Tony Robbins organization, Business Breakthroughs International. Today, Rene is not only an Internationally recognized Coach, but she also does keynotes on Communication all around the world, and her course is University certified.

Rene looks at every aspect of a business and helps Entrepreneurs build the basic foundations and teams to get started, and to continue to function over time. She networks with top businesspeople from around the world to bring new and existing businesses the help and support they need to grow to the next level. Her team of 74 coaches brings a variety of expertise to the table, including focus groups at UCLA and other universities. She brings a laser-sharp focus to the most urgent things to correct immediately and a plan for future growth.

What makes Rene very unique is that on top of all her business accomplishments, she is also an Emmy award winning singer, has lived on 3 continents, and speaks 5 languages. Rene truly brings a strategic world perspective to GBMS.